I should have done this like oohhh three months ago.. but I was too busy procrastinating.  I’m really good at procrastinating. 

Anyway, I felt like maybe a plea to make this particular beauty permanent would ease my “I don’t have enough of this” fear.

I am talking about Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24hr eyeshadow in the color Just Beige. This is pretty much a dead on dupe of MAC’s Soft Ochre paint pot.

I use it primarily as a base… and get great wear time.




The Rant-  I have oily eyelids. This doesn’t quite hold for 24hrs, but it does hold considerably well in the often hot in balmy conditions I find myself.

The Rave-  Anytime I can find a good dupe of a product that usually costs $20 for half the price AND it works well I’m I’m a happy,  happy girl.

The Review- I guess the above says it all. I’ve been stockpiling this particular product. When I see it. I buy it. I stash it.

Maybelline, oh Maybelline,  here my pleas…. make this product permanent please!

So recently, I decided I was interested in purchasing makeup brushes from a company called Royal Crown Cosmetics. After looking through the website at the available options I had a few questions, which led me to hit that infamous contact us button that can be found on most e-retailer websites.

This is always murky territory for me. My experiences have been so-so with many companies when it comes to customer service. I find I’m either receiving an automated response, a response days later, an unhelpful response, or just no response at all.

But back to Royal Crown Cosmetics… I emailed customer service about 630pm EST with my questions. I was surprised when I received a reply at about 845pm EST. My questions were answered but I had thought of one more… so I hit reply and fired off my next question. Less than an hour later I received a response and was set to place my order!

With that said you can expect a review on their kabuki brushes soon. If there brushes are as good as their customer service I will be a happy camper!

If you are interested in checking out Royal Crown Cosmetics before my review… here’s the link.


Being the make-up snob that I am, I have always been a bit hesitant purchasing cosmetics that aren’t within the realm of cosmetic giants.  M.A.C., Urban Decay, Benefit are just a few of my go to brands. Even drug store brands that have improved on their formulas make it into my arsenal after thorough investigation.
With all that being said let me introduce you to my first Coastal Scents purchase… The Revealed Pallete!

Oh my heavens! Let me just say I am amazed. I ordered this little beauty on the coastal scents website for $19.95. After shipping and all that it was about $24 bucks. Yes, the obvious is that it wants to be the Naked Palettes. However,  if you don’t want to spend 50 something bucks on a palette this is a really sweet alternative.  It’s housed in a slim but sturdy cardboard pallete that flips open to reveal 20 neutral eyeshadows.

The consistency of the shadows were nice,  very soft and buttery. So much so that all I really needed to do was tap my brush into a shade to pull a decent amount of product. The pigmentation was really nice on all the colors. I had no complaints.  I swatched all 20 colors… The first color located top left is going to make an excellent brow highlighter color for me; it matches my skin tone so nicely you can’t even tell I swatched it.

So here it is…


The Rant- I have no complaints.  Maybe the softness of these shadows, but really that’s just me looking for something to complain about.

The Rave-  For 20 neutral shadows that work on a variety of skin tones you can’t go wrong. Great formula.  Great price. 20 freaking shadows in one palette!

The Review- I bought it. I tried it. I really really like it.


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Please spread the word so we can bring this amazing mother, wife, and friend home!


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Please spread the word so we can bring this amazing mother, wife, and friend home!

A color that seemed like M.A.C. toxic tale lippie from the Villians collection but for my nails what joy!! Imagine my profound excitement when I saw China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy sitting pretty on my local beauty supply store shelf.
I made my purchase and rushed home to paint my nails this fantastic looking neon coral color!

The Rant... I’m not too sure if I received a bad bottle or what, BUT this formula became thick and goopy before I could get to my manicure after my pedicure. I mean thick to the point of making those goopy strands of polish.

The RaveThe color! It’s *insert explicitive*  amazing…

The ResultI love this color so much I’m going to purchase another bottle and hope that I got caught with a bad bottle.

So for now… This particular China Glaze color is Grade Pending!!


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Check out The ReBeLSPorTs Report for picks on Week 4 in the NFL. Who does the ReBeLLiouS Diva think is gonna win this week… find out!

Watchful Owl’s Pout is the other item I snagged from the L’Oreal + Project Runway Collabo. It’s  is a rich red color great for those with warm undertones without being too warm for those with cool undertones. The first thing I noticed when I applied it to my lips was the floral smell – I’m not a fan. It was really over
powering and I swear I could taste it! All that aside it glided on pretty nicely with full coverage after a couple of swipes and didn’t have a drying feeling on my lips. It stayed put for a good five hours and a few iced lattes.

It runs about the same price as the palettes in this collection at about $9.99. I love the color and the name so I’ll get over the flower power smell and add this to my collection of goodies.

I was lurking the aisles of my local drugstore and look what I came across, A L’oreal and Project Runway Collabo.

 Apparently I was not the first to make the discovery and managed to snag a couple items from the collection.  Audacious Amazon Gaze is an eyeshadow quad containing four bright festive colors. I love bright colors so this palette caught my eye and required further investigation by yours truly.

This quad contains two bright matte colors, a banana yellow and a grape purple, as well as, two slightly frosted colors a peachy melon and a green with yellow undertones. The pigmentation looked awesome in the package but I had to fight with product to get the swatch color close to the color in the  palette. The matte colors proved to be chalky and the two remaining colors were really sheer when applied. I always use Urban Decay Eye Shadow Priming Potion to prime before I swatch to obtain the best possible results, but I really had to work hard to build-up this color to get what you see.

I’ll pass on this one, but at about $9.99 this is a decent introduction for those who are just looking to experiment with new colors – This is a nice cheapie venture into uncharted territory.